A Tiny Church

procession chapelThis tiny church is called a procession chapel.  basilica ste. anne de beauprePilgrims walking in procession to the Basilica Ste. Anne De Beaupre just outside Quebec City  for healing or worship could stop at little proceession chapels along the way to pray.procession chapel quebecThis one was built in memory of Joseph- Masse Gravel who came to Quebec from France in 1641.  The inscription says the chapel was built by Joseph’s son. cross on procession chapel quebec cityYou enter the tiny chapel through this beautifully decorated door. statues inside procession chapel quebec cityYou can pray and light a candle at the shrine inside. prayer book procession chapel quebec cityYour prayers can be written in the book on the chapel window sill. stained glass window procession chapel quebec cityThe procession chapel is a beautiful place to pray for any pilgrim on life’s journey. 

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