A Pen or a Wing?

monument-to-teachers-qcThe hand holds the feather gently.  This artwork sits in the center of a round about in Quebec City.  Our walking tour guide Janet told us it is a tribute to teachers. The sculpture is a hand resting on a pile of books. There is a feather in the hand’s palm. Our group had a little discussion about the meaning of the art piece. Some said the feather alludes to the quill which teachers in the past used to teach children how to write. 

feather-in-the-hand-statueI said the feather represented a teacher giving children the confidence and learning they needed to “fly” off into the world and be independent and successful.  It is the job of a teacher to give children ‘wings.’ Not everyone agreed with me. 

Whatever the viewer thinks the sculpture means it is nice to see tribute being given in a public way to the work teachers do.

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