Eating Our Way Through Quebec City

mariettaThe lively and dramatic Marietta was our guide on a food tour we took of Quebec City.  walking in quebec cityShe pointed out lots of interesting things as we walked from restaurant to restaurant tasting all kinds of delicacies. wild boar appetizerDave and  John toast each other with their appetizers – wild boar meat on crusty bread with a wild berry chutney. We had this at Bistro Tournebouche along with a glass of Le Rose’ Gabrielle a wine made in Quebec. 

poutine quebec cityOf course we tasted the famous Quebec City poutine at the Snack Bar St. Jean.  French fries covered in two kinds of cheese curds and gravy. maple syrup tastingAnother classic Quebec food is maple syrup.  At Canadian Maple Delights we learned about how maple syrup is made and then got to taste different kinds of syrup, a liqueur made with maple syrup and a maple syrup waffle. 
white wine toast quebec city

At Le Moine Echanson Velma and I toasted each other with a white wine made in Montreal. We also had a salty codfish cake with mayonnaise.
ham and cheese buckwheat crepe

A ham and cheese buckwheat crepe along with a local apple cider were our taste treats at Le cremalllere quebec cityWe started the tour with a salmon tartare at La Cremallere and ended it with….erico creative chocolate shopapple and hibiscus chocolates at Erico Creative Chocolate Shop. 

It took three hours to eat our way through Quebec City but it was delicious!

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