Friday night we went to a party in memory of a man who was a golfing buddy of my husband Dave.  Jim passed away only a few months after being diagnosed with cancer. We ate some great food, drank some wine and  friends shared memories that made it clear they were THANKFUL to have known Jim. 

winnipeg-fallSaturday we went for a long bike ride. I was THANKFUL for the beauty of the fall season. We stopped to vote in the advance poll for the October 19th election. I am THANKFUL I live in a country where I can voice my political opinions by voting.  Then we biked over to Grant Park  to see a movie. We ended our evening  at a Vietnamese restaurant for a bowl of hot soup thick with crispy vegetables, chicken and noodles. I’m THANKFUL I live in a multi-cultural city where food from every country of the world is available. 

t-4sSunday morning we went to church. Our pastor talked about how research shows that THANKFUL people are healithier physically, mentally, spiritually and  emotionally.  In the evening I went to the wedding of a good friend’s daughter. I am THANKFUL for opportunities to celebrate and for the gift of friends. 

dad's birthdayMonday morning I went to the gym to do my work out.  I am THANKFUL for a healthy body that makes exercise possible. Then I entertained fifteen people from my family for a turkey dinner and a celebration of my father’s 87th birthday. I am THANKFUL for my family. 

I am THANKFUL for a great Thanksgiving weekend. 

dad carves turkey

My father carves the turkey

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