Brave Heart in Winnipeg

Most people know William Wallace from the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.  But we have a visual depiction of this famous Scott right here in Winnipeg at 1090 Wall Street.  I took a photo this summer.

william-wallace-muralThis is a mural of William Wallace done by Jennifer Johnson. In 1297 Wallace led a Scottish rebellion against the English who were occupying Scotland. In the end the rebellion failed and Wallace was arrested and executed in 1305. In 1328 Scotland finally gained its independence.  

Wallace’s story was told in an epic ballad written by Blind Harry a minstrel in King James IV’s court between 1473 and 1492 nearly two hundred years after William Wallace’s death. Wallace certainly looks very heroic in this mural.


Selkirk Settlers by Gerald Laing

Having a Scottish hero adorn a Winnipeg wall is fitting considering that the first immigrants to settle here were from Scotland. 

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