Gypsy Girl

gypsy girlThis is a favorite painting of mine at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. It is called Italian Apple Girl by Etienne Adolphe Piot  and was painted in 1890. The young woman’s eyes are riveting. They stare straight at you. The girl is offering you an apple from her hand and that gesture reaches out to the viewer and draws them into the scene.  The girl has a wise knowing look. This painting has been on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for all three years I’ve worked there so I feel like I know this girl well- the rich reds, blues and yellows of her clothing, her bushy eyebrows, her shy smile, her strong slender arms, the straight part of her hair, her dangling earrings, and the shadows beneath her eyes.  Recently I attended a Winnipeg Singers Concert and the world-renowned Tracy Dahl sang a piece from the Donizetti opera The Gypsy Girl. The whole time she was singing I had an image of this painting in my mind. 

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2 responses to “Gypsy Girl

  1. Perry Nodelman

    This mischievous girl and her apple alway evoke Eve for me–and a long tradition of misogyny, maybe? But she’s way too charming to dismiss as merely evil.

  2. Perry Nodelman

    Or maybe I’m just giving in to temptation.

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