The Book Lady

book table selkirk thrift storeThis is what my book table looked like when I arrived at the Selkirk MCC Thrift Store on Wednesday. Anywhere from ten to thirty or more boxes of books are donated each week. I have been working as the book lady at the shop for the last few months, sorting and organizing and shelving books to sell and I really enjoy it. 

at the thrift storeOpening all those boxes of books is always a bit of a mystery. What will I find inside?  Often the entire book collections of people who have died or moved are donated and as I look through their books I really get to know them. Recently I went through a woman’s collection of more than a hundred cookbooks with photos, notes, cards, lists and concert programs tucked inside. This week a school had weeded their library and donated hundreds of children’s books. book shelvesThe shelves in the Thrift Store are organized with sections for magazines, children’s books, mysteries, novels, recipe books, romances, non-fiction and inspirational material.  However when I arrive each week everything has been all mixed up by browsers and I have to straighten everything out. book table

After a few house of work my book area looks like this. I’ve packed up some books to be donated to other charities, thrown out some books that are dirty or torn or very out of date, put many out on the shelves in the store to be sold, and picked out art books, coffee table books and travel books to be displayed on special occasions at special prices. 

I usually end up buying a few books myself before I leave either for gifts, my own personal reading or for the church library because I’m the librarian at Bethel Church. 

I love being the book lady.  I’ve helped with many other jobs at the Thrift Store but this is the perfect one for me!

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