Was it Really 40 Years Ago?

dave college gradThis past weekend was the 40th anniversary of my husband Dave’s graduation from Canadian Mennonite University. We spent Saturday afternoon on the university campus reconnecting with college friends.  I was able to have a nice visit with a former roomate and Dave chatted with some guys who were his college basketball teamates.  Unfortunately only two other people from his graduating class showed up but we looked up the rest of the class in an old yearbook and talked about where they might be now.dave cmbc grad We had been married for two years in 1975 when Dave graduated. We lived at CMU, then CMBC in a small basement suite and shared a bathroom and laundry facilities with a half a dozen other couples.

dave graduates from cmuI was teaching kindergarten in St. James at Lincoln School and commuted to work from the college campus where Dave was finishing his Bachelor of Theology degree. 

dave at his cmbc grad

The community of people on our college campus played such an important role in our lives. After all Dave and I met each other there in our first year of college. It hardly seems like 40 years ago. 

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