Portraits in Hope

This weekend I’m busy preparing a sermon for next Sunday on the theme of hope. I will tell stories about three grandmothers from our family who immigrated to Canada from Ukraine.oma and opa's exit papers (1)My husband Dave’s Oma Margaretha Friesen Driedger shown here with her husband Abram, daughter Agatha and son Cornelius just before leaving Ukraine for Canada

My husband's mother's family just before leaving from Lichtenau. His mother Anne is the little girl on her mother's lap.

Dave’s maternal Oma Gertrude Unrau Enns shown here with her husband Heinrich, four sons Peter, Henrich, Johann and Diedrich and two daughters Gertrude and Anne just before leaving Ukraine for Canada gm hired girl friesens_1024 (1)and my maternal grandmother Margareta Sawatsky Peters shown here with the children from a family for whom she worked as a nanny just after coming to Canada.
Preparing to tell these stories from a new angle is helping me gain an even greater appreciation for the strength and courage of my family’s female ancestors.
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