Looking at Stuff in A Different Way

display human rights museumOne of the exhibits at the Human Rights Museum here in Winnipeg I found interesting was an art piece featuring all kinds of stuff you would probably find around your house.  Interactive panels let you explore how owning and using these things might be good or bad when it comes to human rights.  cell phones and human rightsOne example is the cell phone.

cell phones help human rightsOne thing that’s great about cell phones is that they can help to get the message out quickly when human rights issues need public attention. 

taking another look at cell phonesOne thing that is disturbing about cell phones is that they contain coltan and in the Democratic Republic of Congo child labor is used to mine coltan. 

The exhibit has information on lots of everyday objects. But there are also some items in the sculpture they don’t provide information about because they want you to go home and find out more about how that item is made on your own. The exhibit is a good reminder that we need to be thoughtful about what kinds of things we purchase and how they are made. 

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