Paint Nite

amanda-and-marylou-1I went to a bachelorette party for my niece last weekend. Her bridesmaids had invited a business called Paint Nite to provide a creative evening for all the guests.  We each made our very own painting. paint nite teacherWith directions from our Paint Nite specialist Manda every one of us produced a beautiful painting and each one was unique.  

easels set upWe started with a blank canvas. We had to put our hands on our canvas and solemnly promise not to make derogatory remarks about our artistic skills or our artistic creations. 

getting our masterpieces startedThe first step was painting our backgrounds and the light of the moon or sun. A specially chosen sound track was playing as we worked. 

adding trees to the canvasNext we added in our tree branches and some clouds. 

delicious paint nite foodThen it was time to break for food and wine while our backgrounds dried. 

adding blossoms to our treesAdding the leaves in different colors was so interesting. unique treesEach woman there made her own tree unique with the colors she chose. 

finished treesWe all went home with our own masterpiece at the end of the evening. 

fun paint nite

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