I Love Art

child-at-wag-i-love-artIt was pouring rain when I had to leave for the art gallery to give a tour one day. I had a big writing project to finish at home and I really didn’t feel like walking in the rain to work.  I was pretty wet and wind blown by the time I arrived at the gallery but I mustered up a smile to meet my tour group of six to twelve-year olds from an inner city community club who were at the gallery thanks to the generosity of a donor who sponsors groups like theirs. None of the children had every been at the Winnipeg Art Gallery before. They were absolutely delightful.  They asked questions. They had good ideas.  They were enthusiastic about the activities.  After lunch we made clay pots together and then just before they left a little girl came up to give me a hug and slip the paper above into my hand. ” I didn’t think I would like art,” she confided, “but I LOVE it!”  

i love you I love my job! Even on rainy days. 

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