Mr. Holmes- Growing Old is Not For Cowards

“Growing old is not for cowards.”   My mother-in-law said that a number of times to me in the last years of her life. It is something I thought of over and over again as I watched the beautifully filmed Mr. Holmes on Friday night. As we witness the character growth of Sherlock Holmes, who exhibits exemplary courage in the face of his imminent death, we  learn valuable lessons about growing old. 

Never stop searching for answers. 

Writing helps us  remember. 

Personal relationships are life’s greatest value. 

Sometimes we need to fictionalize our past to some degree in order to live in the present. 

Connections with nature enrich us, ground us and give us perspective. 

Teaching something to someone else is energizing and rewarding. 

Bees and bee-keeping play a prominent role in the movie Mr. Holmes and the life lessons the film teaches drip like honey from a comb into your heart- sweet and to be savoured. 

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