Dipping my Toe into the Human Rights Museum

human-rights-musuem-winnipegIt’s terrible I know! I live a couple of blocks from Canada’s Human Rights Museum. People have been coming from all over the world to see since it opened in September and till last Sunday I still hadn’t been inside. We had a house guest who wanted to see the museum so we took him to visit the building which has become a distinctive landmark on the Winnipeg landscape.  wild grass human rights museum

Before we even went inside I wanted to find out more about the landscaping or seeming lack of it around the building.  Signs told us about the Prairie in Progress that is growing on all sides of the museum. Grasses and plants native to the prairies have been planted  and visitors are encouraged to watch as they establish themselves on the site during the next few summers. grounds-human-rights-museum-winnipegThis approach is meant to show respect for the ground on which the museum is built. The low maintenance eco-system that will develop is part of the museum’s commitment to being a ‘green’ institution.
welcome-to-the-human-rights-musuemMuch has been made about the multi-media approach of the gallery and I noticed that first thing as we entered the lobby and saw this constantly moving screen of people writing the word ‘welcome’ in different languages. human rights museum skylightThe architecture of the place is stunning and it was interesting to read about it on the app you can download for free as you enter the gallery. The app provides information on each gallery as you move from one to another.  On my next visit I want to bring earphones so I can listen as well as read the information. view-from-human-rights-musuemThe first thing we did was climb to the very top of the tower and the view it offers of Winnipeg is worth the admission price itself. 

dave in hrmWe decided to buy year-long passes. After three hours I was so glad we did. I still had the lower two floors of galleries to visit and I was ‘done’.  I am pleased I can go back at my leisure.  I plan to make one hour or so visits in the future and explore the museum in a way that makes is possible to absorb ideas a few at a time. I am also anxious to try the restaurant which I’ve heard others rave about. I have already earmarked a number of things for Christmas gifts in the shop. 

view from human rights museum 2I hope to do posts in the future about things I see at the museum. It is exciting to have an educational treasure like this in my neighborhood. 

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