I Slept with a Champion Last Night

dave-ball-team-bemidjiI slept with a champion last night. Dave and I were in Bemidji Minnesota for the weekend where he was playing in a baseball tournament. Although the road to victory wasn’t easy his Eastman team won the championship on Sunday in fine style. Dave made a great catch that had him jumping high in the air. He had some solid hits and managed to avoid irritating the leg wound he got on Saturday diving for a ball.
giroux-athleticsDave has been a champion baseball player many times before. In fact he is in the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame.  But he is a champion in lots of other ways in my books.   After the final game yesterday he drove all the way home from Bemidji so I could work on a writing project in the car that has a fast approaching due date. Then when we got home he made me his signature spicy Caesar cocktail and a homemade pizza for our supper.  Today he’s headed off to train for a new job as a Lexus driver to earn some extra cash for our travel adventures. 

champions-ball-tournamentI guess I sleep with a champion every night. 


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