All That Jazz in Kansas City

cat marylou jazz clubOne night during our stay in Kansas City we decided we wanted to go and hear some jazz.  A number of our  Hong Kong friends’ group were at the wedding rehearsal dinner, others were golfing, so those of us who’d been left behind hopped in the car and went out in search of a great jazz band and a good meal. 

the knuckleheadOur first stop was The Knucklehead which had received rave reviews. The wall decorated with caricatures of lots of music greats was appealing but the $30 cover charge was not, nor the comment from the man taking the money for the cover charge that “the food wasn’t great.”  

the phoenixA bit of online searching led us to The Phoenix.scamp alley

We figured it had to be a fun place since it was located on Scamps’ Alley. wall mural outsideInteresting wall murals outside mural inside the phoenixand inside intrigued us and jazz the phoenixthe music sounded great.

Dave and Jon arrived from their golf game about halfway through the evening.

Dave and Jon arrived from their golf game about halfway through the evening.

Our waitress was so friendly and fun. mint julepI decided I should have my first mint julep and it was very refreshing, each sip a little sweeter. lamb slidersThe food was also good. I had lamb sliders with spicy cole slaw.
dave jeff jazzWe had a fun evening, although some people took their jazz a little more seriously than others.

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