What Talent! Olympus Inspired Art!

vase designs winnipeg art gallery workshopWhat a pleasure to witness such creativity! During the Olympus exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery we are offering workshops where students can experiment with the ideas they’ve picked up on their Olympus tours, by creating artwork of their own. vase olympus exhibit art galleryAs they are looking at vases and sculptures in the gallery

sketching in the gallery olympus wagThe students make quick sketches of things they seesketches for work olympus wagIn the workshop studio they transfer some of their sketches onto orange cardstock very similar in color to the vases in the gallery.outline sketchesThey outline their sketches with felt markeredge designsAnd work at creating interesting repeating designs to edge their scenes

painting a background olympus wag workshopThen they use black paint to fill in the background around their scene

white pencil crayon olympus wag workshop vase designsand white pencil crayons to add detailsred figure drawing wag olypus workshopAlthough we provide guidelines the young artists take our basic ideas and run with them in creative ways coloring in designs wag olympus

designs wag kids olympusI just love watching the amazing and unique artwork that emerges. kid's artwork olympus wag

 I find it so intriguing to see the way the young people take the images they’ve seen in the gallery and use them in new and interesting ways. 

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