Artemis Was a Private Person

IMG_1244She was a private person!  This statue of Artemis is part of the Olympus exhibit now showing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  One of the stories I like to tell children about her involves a hunter named Actaeon. Actaeon was out with his hunting dogs when he came upon Artemis bathing in a lake. When Artemis saw him she was furious and splashed water on Actaeon. As the water touched his skin he began transforming into a deer.  His dogs who had been trained to hunt deer turned on him and chased him away.

Interestingly we had a piece in our Winnipeg Art Gallery 100 Masters exhibit showing the same story except with the goddess Diana who is Artemis’ Roman counterpart . The piece was actually a drinking cup that moved mechanically  around the table so all the dinner guests could take turns lifting the stag’s head  and drinking from it.  

Other stories from Olympus……

Hermes and Apollo

Athena and Arachne


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