What Will You Be Building When You Have To Go?

“What will you be building when you have to go?”  I heard Newfoundland native Amelia Curran crooning those lyrics on CBC radio last Sunday morning.  I couldn’t get the words out of my head all day. Amelia’s question certainly echoes my wish. I hope that right up til’ the moment I die I will still be building things whether it’s  relationships, or stories, or a fit body, or a new skill, or memories.  

Amelia’s thought provoking question reminded me of our visit to architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arizona house called Taliesin West. We saw a photo of him at his desk in the last weeks of his life. frank lloyd wright photoFrank Lloyd Wright died when he was 91.  There were 166 projects in progress sitting on his desk when he died. The last decade of his life was his most productive. He did a third of his life’s work in that period. Frank Lloyd Wright was definitely still building when he had to go.  I hope I am too. 

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