I Married a Talented Spitter

hatton winery“Just look at his arc and distance!”  Dave and I were on a wine tour in New Zealand when I first discovered yet another one of his many talents.  He’s a championship spitter. hatton winesAt the Hatton winery they poured us huge glasses of wine. First we had to swish the wine around in the glass to let in the oxygen and then we had to stick our nose right into the glass and take a sniff. dave at winery in new zelandNext they directed us to take a big gulp of wine and swirl it all around being sure it got into every nook and crevice of our mouth.  Then we had to spit it out into huge spitting buckets they provided. Professional wine tasters do this rather than swallowing every glass so their judgement doesn’t get clouded as they taste subsequent wines. Our hostess said it is possible to fully taste a wine just by swishing it around in your mouth for ten seconds.

dave and our wine tour guideSeveral people, including our guide Robert, pictured here with Dave, commented on Dave’s spitting abilities- the arc and distance of the wine he spit out. Dave told them his expertise came from all the years of spitting out hundreds of sunflower seeds during a ball game when he was a fastball catcher.

I have been married to Dave for over forty years but I’m still always learning more about his many talents .

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