Hermes and Apollo

Apollo Olympus Winnipeg Art Gallery

Apollo at the Olympus Exhibit  Winnipeg Art Gallery

I’ve already given fifteen tours of Olympus, the amazing exhibit of Greek and Roman antiquities at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Since it will still be at the WAG for ten more months its time for me to add some stories to my tour repertoire to keep things fresh and interesting for both me and the children. 

Here’s a story about Hermes and Apollo I think the kids will enjoy. 

Hermes statue- Olympus exhibit Winnipeg Art Gallery

Hermes statue- Olympus exhibit Winnipeg Art Gallery

When Hermes was still a baby he climbed out his cradle one day to go on an adventure. He came upon his brother Apollo’s herd of cows.  In a burst of mischief he took off the front and back hooves of the cattle and switched them around so the footprints the cows left on the ground made it look like the cows were walking backwards. He hid the cows in a cave. When Apollo figured out what his baby brother had done he was mad and grabbed the little fellow and took him to their father Zeus for punishment.

Zeus thought the whole thing was pretty funny but made Hermes give the cattle back to Apollo.

To show he was sorry for his mischief, Hermes gave Apollo a lyre he’d made from the shell of a turtle. As a sign he forgave Hermes, Apollo gave his little brother his herding staff. The two brothers became friends. 

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