Jersey Boys

We saw the production Jersey Boys at the Concert Hall  Friday night. It profiles the career of the music group The Four Seasons. Their music is catchy! You want to sing and dance along.   Jersey Boys is a fast paced show, full of energy. I loved hearing all those familiar sing-along tunes like My Eyes Adored You, Oh What a Night and Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. 

But I didn’t leave the theatre feeling  upbeat, because as the Four Seasons’ story unfolds on stage, we learn that in many ways they had sad lives.  They spent time in prison. They weren’t faithful to their wives. They neglected their children. They gambled away their money. They didn’t pay their taxes. They often didn’t get along. One lost a step daughter and daughter within months of each other in tragic circumstances. One told his kids he was their uncle so he didn’t have to be a responsible husband and father. 

The Four Seasons were famous. They are in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  But I think they probably traded their successful careers for a happy, fulfilling personal life. 

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  1. Brenda Fischer

    I agree Marylou, we saw it years ago in Toronto and I was blown away at the beginning by their rise to fame – it was exciting! But that quickly changed as you saw the stories that unfolded – what actually had happened that the ‘fan world’ didn’t see in earlier years! ….their music was phenomenal!


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