Do Buildings Have Souls?

tao fong shan mountain of the christ wind church hong kongDo buildings have souls?  I once interviewed an architecture professor who introduced me to the idea that buildings have souls. opera house 2According to him an architectural concept for any building should  be a metaphor or image for the dreams and values of the people who will use that building.

habitat house thailand

My husband and sons on a Habitat for Humanity build in northern Thailand.

Articulating and defining the soul of a building is a process that needs to include as many of the people who will inhabit the finished structure as possible.

outside a maori meeting house

Maori Meeting House in New Zealand 

I asked the architect I interviewed, how we could know for certain that a building accurately reflected the ‘soul’ of the community it housed. He told me the ‘soul’ of building could not be measured. It was something that could be discerned only with the heart.

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