What’s in a Name?

Bathsheba Everdene is the heroine of Thomas Hardy’s novel Far From the Madding Crowd. I saw the movie version on Sunday night starring Carey Mulligan as the beautiful Bathsheba.  The first time her name was mentioned in the movie I realized Hardy’s heroine was the namesake of the Biblical King David’s wife and that she shared a last name with Katniss Everedeen the heroine of The Hunger Games books. 

Bathsheba by Artemisia Gentilesc

Bathsheba by Artemisia Gentileschi

Just like the Old Testament Bathsheba, Hardy’s Bathsheba attracts the attention of more than one man. King David had Bathsheba’s husband Uriah killed so he could marry her. One of the men in love with Bathsheba in Far From the Madding Crowd also kills Bathsheba’s husband. This eventually leads to her second marriage.  

Suzanne Collins the author of The Hunger Games books says that she did indeed name her heroine Katniss Everdeen after the main character in Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd. According to Collins, “The two are very different, but both struggle with knowing their hearts”.

There’s more than the intriguing name of the heroine to attract a viewer to Far From the Madding Crowd.  I was completely engaged by the excellent story and the spunky, independent Bathsheba Everdene a woman who was way ahead of her time!

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