Hercules- Finding Greek and Roman Gods in Winnipeg


A weightlifting club based at the University of Manitoba is named after the mighty Greek god Hercules.  They offer coaching for elite athletes who want to do Olympic training.  But they also have programs for the general public. You can see the head of a lion on Hercules’ helmet in the club’s logo.  One of the brave feats of Hercules was killing the Nemean Lion a monster that could not be pierced by arrows so Hercules strangled him. Hercules is represented in quite a number of the art pieces in the current Olympus show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. 

Hercules had a human mother but his father, the god Zeus, was so impressed with his son’s inordinate bravery, that he took him up to the heavens as Hercules neared death, and made him a full god.  Hercules had to achieve twelve labors in his life as an atonement for accidentally killing his first wife and children after the goddess Hera drove him mad.  

On their website the Winnipeg weightlifting club named after Hercules says the ancient Greek hero is a model for them because he fulfilled his destiny, he left a mark on history, he had amazing strength and he possessed a pure heart. 

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