Our T-4 group spent a few hours last Saturday afternoon browsing for treasures on a beautiful day warmed by sunshine and friendship.  We started out at the Neufeld Garage in Randolph which had been turned into a sales venue filled with vendors, collectors, crafters and artists displaying their work and wares. There were all kinds of bargains to be had. Next we were off to a charming craft and collectible shop in St. Pierre. They had all kinds of interesting things for sale and lots of rooms to poke around in.  We all ended up with a few purchases. 

Then we were off to Oma’s Schnitzel Stube for schnitzel and spaetzle.  Oma herself waited on us and told us all about the various items on the menu. After our meal we headed to Glenys’ place for dessert and coffee.  The moon and stars were out by the time Esther and I got back to Winnipeg.  It was a lovely day and a much needed break from my hectic April calendar. 

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