I’ve Got My Camera Back!

Dave playing ball in Bemidji last summer

                    Dave playing ball in Bemidji last summer

I’ve got my camera back! Last July I went to Bemidji, Minnesota because my husband Dave’s baseball team was playing in a tournament there. I took along my small Canon camera and used it throughout the weekend. When we arrived back in Winnipeg I looked in the backpack where I thought I’d put the camera but it wasn’t there. I searched through all our bags and our car. No camera! I phoned our Bemidji hotel, restaurants where we’d had meals, even the recreation complex where the baseball tournament was held. No one had seen my camera. I resigned myself to its loss. 

Hong Kong friends at Rebekah and Daniel's wedding in Minneapolis

       Hong Kong friends at Rebekah and Daniel’s wedding in Minneapolis

Then in February I got a mass e-mail from my friend Rebekah who lives in Minneapolis. We had gone to Minneapolis for Rebekah’s wedding several weeks before the ball tournament and I had used my Canon camera to take lots of photos at the wedding. Rebekah said a man named Dan from Puposky, Minnesota had contacted her via Facebook and said he’d found a digital camera that had a photo on it’s memory card of a printed program from her wedding ceremony. wedding programThe program listed Rebekah’s first and last name and so he had found her on Facebook and sent her a message to find out if perhaps the camera belonged to her or one of her wedding guests. Rebekah promptly sent out a message to all the people who had been on her wedding guest list to see if the camera belonged to one of us.

  I e-mailed Rebekah and she gave me Dan’s contact information. I sent him a letter and he replied immediately attaching some photos he’d found on the camera’s memory card. There was no doubt they were mine. He told me his mother was a cleaning woman at the hotel where we’d stayed in Bemidji. She had found the camera and turned it in to the front desk. I’m not sure why the hotel said they hadn’t found my camera when I called them, but in January after it had been at the front desk for six months the hotel manager told Dan’s mother she could have the camera since she had found it. Dan’s Mom gave him the camera to use in February when he was leaving on a holiday and that’s when he discovered my photos. He decided the right thing to do would be to try and find the camera’s owner.

We vacationed in Arizona in January and February

We vacationed in Arizona in January and February

I was vacationing in Arizona in February when this all transpired and by the time Dan e-mailed and said he was going to send my camera back to me we were almost ready to leave for home. So I asked Dan to send the camera to the Arizona address of our good friends Rudy and Sue who were going to be in the United States till the end of March.

Our friends Rudy and Sue

Our friends Rudy and Sue

Rudy and Sue returned to Manitoba at the beginning of April and a few weeks ago when my husband Dave was substitute teaching in Steinbach he picked up my camera at their house. That camera had been on quite a journey!

      IMG_1192 I e-mailed Dan to let him know I had my camera. I asked how much postage he’d paid to mail the camera and told him I’d be happy to reimburse him. He said he didn’t want any payment. I should just pass his good deed forward. I assured him I would. I told Dan I tried to live my life in the belief that most people in this world are kind and good and he certainly was proof of that.    Thanks to his honesty and perseverance I have my camera back!

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