Through the Eyes of A Child

mythological creatures by kidsYesterday on the tour I gave at the art gallery we spent a fair bit of time in an exhibit called Through The Eyes of the Child.  All the pieces in the exhibit were done by children who attend art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. In honor of  Olympus  which will open soon at the WAG, the theme for the children’s pieces was Greek and Roman mythology.  I told the kids on my tour four different mythological stories based on four art pieces and then they created their own art pieces out of felt shapes.  medusa kids artMedusa was a very attractive young woman with stunning long, silky hair. One day, while she was in Athena’s temple, Poseidon saw her and Medusa and Poseidon fell in love. This made Athena hate Medusa because Poseidon was her enemy. So Athena changed Medusa’s lovely hair into hissing serpents and made her appear so terrifying that any living being who looked at her turned into stone.    pandora's box kids' artZeus had the gods make him a beautiful daughter named Pandora. He sent her to Epimetheus, a man he didn’t like.  Epimetheus loved Pandora and they married. Zeus gave his daughter a wedding present, a beautiful box with a note that said Don’t Open.  But Pandora was curious so she opened the box and out came all the bad things we have in the world today like jealousy, sickness, war and hate. Pandora slammed the box shut but it was too late. Epimetheus heard his wife crying and went to see her. She opened the box to show him it was empty and then one more thing flew out. It was a beautiful butterfly named Hope.  athena's owls kids art projectThe goddess Athena had a companion owl that traveled around on her shoulder or hand.  The owl told Athena whether someone was telling the whole truth and reminded Athena to tell the whole truth instead of just partial truths. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of night. Owls are nocturnal and are a symbol for wisdom.  dinosaurs eyes of a child wagChelone was a human woman who was taking too long to get ready to go to the wedding of the gods Hera and Zeus. This made Zeus angry so he crashed her house down around her and said that forevermore she would be a turtle and drag her house around on her back. 

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