Getting Ready to Write

name tagI spent 4 days in Indiana recently at a training session for writing a new faith-based curriculum for children. IMG_0905Our training days were intense and made the task ahead seem daunting but also exciting. me and carmenThe dozen or so other writers and the editors were all interesting people who brought such a variety of experiences to their jobs.  IMG_0902We brainstormed for ideas, tried out activity options, made crafts, worshipped, sang, examined specifications, downloaded templates and signed contracts.  shine on bible story bookI’ll be immersed in this project for the next six months and I’m sure some of the things I  research and write will find their way into this blog from time to time. 

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2 responses to “Getting Ready to Write

  1. Ruth Goudreau

    Hi MaryLou,

    I was interested to learn that you were part of writing of the “Shine On, a story Bible”. I often tell the children’s story at church and several weeks ago a little girl in grade 2 said, “Ruth, I’d like to read a story to the kids one Sunday, okay?” Of course I agreed and she arrived with her “shine On” book and proceeded to read with confidence. I assisted her by asking the discussion questions at the bottom. Obviously you and the other writers have captured the attention of your targeted audience very well. Thank you.


    • Dear Ruth,
      I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the Bible Story Book. It was written first by other writers and now they are developing six years of Sunday School curriculum material based on the stories in the Bible Story Book. I am writing two quarters of that material for year 3. It is a lovely book though and I especially love the colorful art.


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