Brrrr! It’s Cold

It seemed awfully cold in Winnipeg yesterday, our first day back in sub zero temperatures after spending two months in sunny Arizona. The events of the day really warmed me up though. 

A snuggle in our familiar bed under our thick duvet and quilt. 

parlour coffee windowA hand-made Americano with Dave at the Parlour Coffee Shop just down the block accompanied by freshly made bannock slathered in home-made berry jam. 

A nice long talk on the phone with my Dad. 

Afternoon coffee in our sunny livingroom with an interesting couple who are exploring buying a condo in our building.  

Hot pho soup at a local Vietnamese restaurant with my brother. 

tickets to pippinWatching the Garden City Collegiate musical Pippin.  What talented young performers! One of the directors of the production was my daughter-in-law and it was great to hug her again after two months away.  

And before bed a glass of wine and laughing at the Modern Family episode my considerate husband  had PVR’d for me. 

Despite the freezing temperatures it is possible to have a nice heart- warming day in Winnipeg. 

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