Keep Your Mouth Closed Grandma

hieroglyphic trailWe went on a hike up the Hieroglyphic Trail here in Arizona with our sons, daughter-in-law and grandson.  At the base of the trail we chatted with another family who was also setting out on the same hike. They were from North Dakota. Their crew included grandparents, their son and his wife and two little granddaughters.  

resting hieroglyphic trailWhen we reached the end of the rocky, steep trail we grandparents perched on some rocks in the shade to rest, but the kids and grand kids from both families set off to climb up to some petroglyphs across a small pond and up some fairly high cliffs.hieroglpyhic trail As our kids and grandkids started the climb up the steep rocks the grandmother from North Dakota who was sitting right beside me and I both inhaled sharply at the same time and then put our hands over our mouths.  

hieroglyphic trailWe looked at each other and laughed. “Knowing when to keep your mouth closed is the first thing you learn when you become a grandmother,” she said to me.  We were both scared at the potential danger for our kids and grandkids climbing those cliffs, but we both knew better than to say anything.  Of course everyone was fine, and the kids and grandkids returned to us excited about their little adventure. 

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