Dave Plays Ball in Arizona

slow pitch in arizonaI went to watch Dave play ball on his Arizona team The Castaways last week.  Most of the guys come from the same trailer resort called Coral Sands and a bunch of them are from Winnipeg and play on various teams in the same league in which Dave competes during the summer in Manitoba. warming up baseball arizonaI did a blog post about how Dave has been telling me I’m the only team wife of the fourteen players who doesn’t show up for games.  I decided it was time to prove my love for him by joining the other thirteen women in the cheering section. wives at ball gameImagine my surprise to turn up at the game and discover only four female team supporters on hand. After introducing myself I was to discover that two of the women in fact weren’t even wives of the players but were from the same trailer resort and had come to cheer on their community team.  I guess Dave had been exaggarating  just a little when he said I was the lone wife who didn’t attend. arizona baseball daveThe Castaways were playing The Miners in a double header and they split the match with The Castaways losing the first game and winning the second. baseball in arizonaDave played second base in the first game and third base in the second game. He says he really enjoys playing ball here in Arizona because the diamonds are in such beautiful shape compared to the ones in Manitoba. dave at bat arizonaDave had some good hits including a couple doubles. dave at bat
After the game we went back to the Coral Sands and the men gathered beside one trailer and the women on the porch of the other to have a drink and visit. I enjoyed chatting with the other women who were also from Winnipeg. One was was leaving on a trip to China in a couple weeks and another had just returned from a trip to Japan so we shared some travel stories.  The other women laughed when I told them Dave had said I was always the only missing wife from games. They too only attend on occasion and are often busy with their own activities. baseball in arizona

Now that I’ve been to one of his games and found out the truth about how many wives attend Dave will no longer be able to call me “the missing wife.” 

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