Hiking Quail Trail

marylou hiking quail trailOn Monday I hiked a new trail here in Phoenix.  marlene and nickyNicky led Marlene and me on the hike which is near the home Nicky shares in Avondale with her husband Ray. quail trail The Quail Trail is in Estrella Mountain Regional Park. rock quail trailThere were some very unique rocks on the trail that I had never seen before here in Arizona. cactus quail trailI realized once again that cacti can grow anywhere. dead saguaro shaped like a scarecrowDead saguaros make interesting sculptures. This one looks like a scarecrow. flowers quail trailBecause of the recent rain we’ve had there were quite a few flowers blooming on the trail. city view quail trailWe saw city views from the trailwilderness view quail trailand beautiful wilderness views as well quail trail hikersAfter our hike we went back to Ray and Nicky’s house and met our husbands who had been out golfing. Nicky made us a wonderful supper of ribs, salad, corn, twice baked potatoes and apple crumb cake for dessert.  There was good wine and good conversation.  A great day! Other posts about friends……..

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