Up To Weaver’s Needle

weaver's needleYesterday we did a four-hour hike with our friends Rudy and Sue up to a lookout where we had a marvelous view of Weaver’s Needle on the Peralta Trail near our home in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Here we are at the summit of our hike where we stopped to eat lunch. starting on the peralta trailWe set off from the parking lot around 11:45.map for superstition mountainRudy checked out the map to be sure he knew where we were going. sign in log book superstition wildernessI signed us into the register.  It reminded me of how Cheryl Strayed in the movie Wild  signed in at the various points along the Pacific Crest Trail.  She always included a quote from a great writer or poet with her registration.  I didn’t, but if I had I might have used…….

I dream of hiking into my old age. ~Marlyn Doan

because Sue asked me several times if I thought we’d still be able to do this hike when we were seventy. 

hiking the peralta trail
hiking the peralta trail
hiking the peralta trail
hiking the peralta trail

flower on peralta trail

peralta hike

peralta trail

peralta hike

peralta hike

peralta hike

peralta hike

peralta trail hike

weavers needle arizona

Weavers Needle is 1,000 feet high at an elevation of 4,555 feet. It was created when a thick layer of fused volcanic ash was eroded to form a column of rock that looks like a spire. Its shadow is said to show the location of a rich vein of gold which treasure hunters have never found.  The peak was named after a trapper, gold prospector, military scout and explorer named Pauline Weaver. We met a couple on the trail who had scaled the wall of the needle yesterday with ropes and slept on the top for the night. 

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A big thank you to my friend Rudy who took many of the photos in this post.

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