A Flood of Books

My Dad reads to my sister and me. We are holding the dolls we got for Christmas.

I learned about the Christmas Book Flood on a website called December in Reykjavik

Iceland sells more books per capita than any other nation in the world, and the vast majority are sold in the lead-up to Christmas. In Iceland this is known as the Christmas Book Flood. The tradition in Iceland is that everyone must receive at least one book for Christmas to take to bed on Christmas Eve along with some chocolates. And so, beginning in November, hundreds of books are released onto the market and the talk is all about books – in the media, in the workplace, among family and friends, and at Christmas parties. And once Christmas is over and the books have been read, everyone’s a critic, giving their views and opinions of that latest tome and whether it is as good, or better, as the author’s last one.

My mom reading with her sisters around 1933.

I love the way time to read and reflect is built right into the holiday traditions in Iceland. I gave books to each member of my family this Christmas and spent lots of time reading to my grandson, but my own personal book flood starts tomorrow when we get in our car and head to Arizona.  

Me reading to kids in Jamaica

I have a large back pack absolutely stuffed with books and I plan to read every single one in our two months away from Winnipeg.  Many more are loaded onto my Kindle and more will no doubt find their way there. I’ll keep you posted as I swim through my flood of books. 

Mom reading to us. My sister and I in dresses Mom sewed for Christmas. You can see the stockings are hung.

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