Our Guides in Asia

During the six years Dave and I traveled extensively in Asia we were fortunate to meet many wonderful guides who not only introduced us to their countries and cities but were also willing to share a glimpse of their personal lives with us. At one point I had thought to write a book about these interesting and amazing people. I don’t think that’s going to happen but I don’t want to forget all the hospitable and friendly men and women who made our travels in Asia so memorable.  Here are just a few of them. dee dee snorkel guide in boracay philippinesIn the Philippines Dee Dee gripped her crucifix and prayed when our snorkelling boat ran into a violent patch of water

tour guide in beijingIn Beijing Max rented a rickshaw to drive us through the huotongs

mango in vietnamIn Vietnam Mango was working hard to save money to send his daughter to Harvard

wendyIn Yunnan, when our arranged guide didn’t show up Wendy took us on an amazing hike down to Leaping Tiger Gorge

cambodia land mines museum guideIn Cambodia, Khom had lost his arm to a land mine

biking in xianIn Xian Evelyn rented a tandem bike for us to ride along the top of the city wall

pei in yunnanNear the border of Tibet Pei ordered a supper of yak cheese, yak butter tea and yak meat for us

golfing at nirwana course in tanalot baliIn Bali Sunlini took an offering to the temple on the golf course to pray for the success of my game

with rong in yangshouIn Yangshou Rong told me the dragon had dug the river with his tail

sherry in chongching0001In Chongqing Sherry took us to the Great Square of the People

charupa in bangkokIn Bangkok Charupa introduced me to the sweet taste of tamarind fruit        

In Asia the guides opened their hearts and their lives to us

I won’t ever forget them!

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