Feeling Nostalgic

12G4This old photo of me with my advisory group at the International Christian School in Hong Kong resurfaced on Facebook this week because someone commented on it. It is over four years old. We had just had our formal yearbook photo taken on the outdoor patio of our school chapel and we decided to act ‘goofy’ for our next shot.
advisory picSeeing the photo sent me searching for our more traditionally posed picture and made me nostalgic. I miss these great kids. We had lots of good times together. Now they are studying all over the place – in Michigan, at the University of Syracuse, California Poly Tech, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, Penn State, Wheaton College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Carlton University in Ottawa and the University of Hong Kong. Soon most of them will graduate from university and where will they go then? Will I ever see any of them again? Here’s a few photos from our last year together.

sports day white team ics 2011

me and alisa


me and daniel


me and whitney


me and eric

me and natalie

tug of war

me and natalie and felicity

playing catch phrase

me and alisaGreat memories.

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2 responses to “Feeling Nostalgic

  1. Hello Mrs.D! How are you doing? I just happen to come across this post after looking at your recent post on Cindy’s artwork! It’s been a while and I just want to let you know, even after all these years, some of the ICS friends I still keep in touch with still talk about the fun times we had in your class thinking back.. Needless to mention, I really miss your cheerful “good mornings!”, especially when entering the quiet workplace at 9 a.m… Let’s catch up some time! – Alisa


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