Cleaning Up After A Busy Weekend

Last night I finally had time to clean up our house after a busy weekend.
canadian moneyI put the money in my wallet I won at the Grey Cup party I attended at my brother and sister-in-law’s home on Sunday evening. At quarter time I had selected exactly the right score- Calgary 7- Hamilton 0.
envelopeI put our certificate of church membership away. Dave and I joined Bethel Mennonite Church on Sunday morning.
muffin from the chewI put a complimentary muffin in the fridge. We got the muffin when we paid our bill at The Chew restaurant on Saturday night. It was our first time eating there and we had a lovely meal in the company of three other couples- all good friends. 
the madonna of port lightI cleaned up the materials I used to give a tour of the Dali exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on Saturday afternoon to a group of international students from the University of Manitoba. They were so interested and attentive.  It was a pleasure to introduce them to Dali. 
recycyling newspaperInto the recycling bin went the Winnipeg Free Press Dave and I picked up when we had breakfast together at the Free Press Cafe on Saturday morning.

I tossed the outfit I was wearing on Friday night into the washing machine. I got some summer roll sauce on it when we ate dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.

We had a great weekend that included the activities above and……

Sunday lunch at Smitty’s Restaurant courtesy of my Dad who took out the ten family members who came to support Dave and me as we joined Bethel Church. 

pipecleaners and pencilsA trip to Michael’s Craft Store to buy more pipe cleaners to make Dali moustaches with tour participants at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and to buy Christmas pencils for the Christmas gift bags for the children at our church.  I’ve offered to buy the items for the bags. 

Attending men and women’s basketball games at the University of Manitoba on Friday night. 

Several hours spent working in the library at our church. I’m in the process of weeding and reorganizing it. 

Watching several episodes of the television series Suits.  Dave and I are on a bit of a viewing binge.  

Finishing the book Flush by Carl Hiaasen.  One of the student teachers I’m supervising is studying the novel with her class. 

A trip to Toad Hall Toys one of my favorite places in Winnipeg and then another trip to the post office to send my grandson a Christmas book for advent. 

It was a full and busy weekend and now another one will be here before we know it.

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