Healthy Environments? Not Gyms or Arenas

Dave coached hockey and I worked in the canteen at the rink

Dave coached hockey and I worked in the canteen at the rink

I used to work in the canteen at our local hockey arena because sales raised money for minor hockey and both our sons played on teams.  My husband Dave volunteered as a coach so I volunteered in the canteen. I remember how it used to bother me to see kids spend so much money on candy, chips, chocolate bars and french fries- things that clearly weren’t healthy. 

I was reminded of that this week when I saw this great video called Hosting Healthy Sporting Events.  

The video explains how ironic it is that we raise money to make it possible for our kids to participate in healthy exercise by setting up canteens that sell them all kinds of unhealthy stuff.  Are there alternatives?  Can we make sporting events healthy environments where kids can make good food choices at canteens because the unhealthy choices have been minimized? Last week I attended a Bisons basketball game at the University of Manitoba and took a photo of all the unhealthy stuff they had for sale in the canteen in the gym. 

Candy and pop loaded with sugar and popcorn loaded with salt on sale at a university basketball game

Candy, chocolate bars, slushies and pop loaded with sugar and popcorn and nachos loaded with salt were on sale at the university basketball game

At my Weight Watchers meetings this month we have been talking about deliberately taking steps to create healthy environments at home and at work where good food choices are made easy rather than difficult. That needs to happen too in school gyms, in hockey arenas, in ball parks, at curling rinks, at soccer stadiums and anywhere we are taking our kids to participate in sports. Eliminating poor food choices and providing healthy ones in these venues makes sense in so many ways. 

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