The Magic Geranium

The geranium was magic! Yesterday I did a post about a get together with friends where we shared our favourite childhood stories.  One friend had chosen a short story called The Magic Geranium as her favourite It was a story I remembered fondly from my own childhood as well! 

Here is a version I found online. A woman named Mrs Smith lives in a messy, drab little house. Her friend Mrs Allen gives her a beautiful germanium and she places it on her kitchen table. The flower’s beauty provides a stark contrast to the old table on which it stands, so the woman paints the table. One thing leads to another and soon she has transformed her kitchen with elbow grease,  paint and new curtains. Her lovely kitchen looks so much better than the neighbouring dining room and so Mrs Smith moves on to tidy and redecorate other rooms in the house till finally the whole house has been turned from drab and dirty to clean and beautiful. She then makes a delicious supper for her family and sets the table in an elegant fashion. Her family is surprised. What has happened? “It’s all because of the magic geranium,” Mrs Smith says.

I can see why the Magic Geranium story was a childhood favourite. It describes the possibility for enormous change, just by doing one little thing at a time. Kids embrace that idea. They can take one small step and then another and another.  The cumulative effect of all those simple steps can be something big. The story’s message is that individuals are responsible for bringing about improvements in their own life. Kids like to think they can do things on their own too without always requiring the help of adults. Other people can provide inspiration but we need to roll up our sleeves and take action to fix things and accomplish goals.  

I’m glad my friend reminded me of the Magic Geranium. It’s a great story not just for kids but for adults too. 

A newer updated version of this post can be found here. 

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2 responses to “The Magic Geranium

  1. gabe

    Beautiful images, too!
    I need a magic geranium in my house.


  2. Maureen

    I have thought and looked of this story so many times. I always thought the name was “A geranium for rose “‘. I am so thrilled to have located it.


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