A Childhood Favourite

At a recent get together with friends we talked about stories from our childhood that had left a lasting impression. One friend had loved Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White as a child.  She got quite emotional as she described her attachment to the classic novel about a pig that saves a spider’s life. The story not only connected with my friend, but also gave pleasure to hundreds of grade one students she read the book aloud to during her career as a teacher.

Another friend described a book she’d won as a prize in a school poster-making contest. The Janitor’s Girl by Frieda Friedman has a heroine named Sue. The girl moves to New York City when her father gets a job as janitor in an apartment building. As she takes the steps necessary to adjust to life in her new home, Sue learns lessons of friendship and the importance of accepting people regardless of their social class.

I chose the book Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. A young Irish girl from Boston marries a RCMP officer in the early 1900s and goes to live in a remote northern community. I loved the sense of adventure exhibited by the book’s heroine Katherine Mary Flannigan. She reaches out and establishes a circle of friends in her remote location. Katherine was spunky and took risks.  I loved that!

What was your favorite book during your childhood or teen years? 

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