Launching Not One Book But Three

first three rebelight booksVast Imaginations is the first writing group for children’s authors I joined after moving to Winnipeg. On Sunday afternoon three members of that group launched books at McNally Robinson Booksellers.  The trio of novels were all published by a new Winnipeg press called Rebelight whose motto is crack the spine: blow your mind.  deborah froeseDeborah Froese one of the Rebelight founders, and a Rebelight editor, told us a little bit about the creation of  Rebelight Publishing and did a wonderful job of introducing each of the authors. suzanne costiganEmpty Cup is the name of Suzanne Costigan’s book.  Suzanne’s novel is about a seventeen year old girl named Raven whose mother kicks her out of the house after Raven experiences an abusive attack from her mother’s boyfriend. Will Raven find the inner strength to survive and create a better life for herself?

melinda friesenMelinda Friesen’s book is called Enslavement and is the first of nine novels she has written. Rielle James, the heroine of her futuristic story, has become a slave after her family’s arrest.  Will Rielle manage to escape and be reunited with her family? larry verstraeteLarry Verstraete has published more than a dozen non-fiction books but Missing in Paradise is his first novel.  Larry’s book is about a boy named Nate who has found a box of clues among his dead grandfather’s belongings that just might lead to real treasure. Will Nate find it? mcnally launchA good-sized crowd had come out for the launch. It was interesting for me to listen to Melinda, Larry and Suzanne read from their novels, since I had heard sections of all three of their manuscripts at our authors’ meetings as we read aloud and critiqued one another’s work.  authors signing booksThe three former Vast Imaginations’ members all thanked the authors in their writing groups for their help and support. I have also received so much valuable feedback and advice from other writers. Every time I share a manuscript with my peers my manuscript gets better. 

I hope that someday I too will be able to publish a work of fiction and have the opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me on my writing journey. On Sunday Larry, Melinda and Suzanne provided inspiration to me, and I’m sure many other aspiring writers, as they boldly launched their books out into the reading world. 

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