Sliding on the Sand

school boys in vietnamWhen we were in Vietnam we drove by a group of school boys who were sand sledding. I asked our driver to stop so we could get out of  our van and watch them. vietnamese boys sand slidingThe boys had these burlap bags and they were using them like sleds to slide down the sand hills by their school. kids in vietnamThe boys thought is was funny that I was so interested in what they were doing and when I started taking photos they offered to pose for me.  with boys in vietnamI had Dave take a picture of me with some of them and while we were doing that the principal came out of the school and walked over to see what was going on.  Our guide explained that I was a teacher from Canada and I was just interested in the children and the game they were playing. boys in vietnamSome of the boys were wearing the uniform of the Young Pioneers a communist organization for young people. vietnamese boywI loved the delight on the boys’ faces and the way they were having so much fun with something so simple. 

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