Men Who Paint- A Modern Day Group of Seven

On my recent visit to Saskatoon I went to an art show displaying the work of the city’s Men Who Paint.  Like the Canadian Group of Seven in the early 1900s this group is made up solely of men. 

The Men Who Paint all have other jobs besides being artists. Paul Trottier is a university administrator, Ken Van Rees is a college professor, Cam Forrester is a golf course executive, Greg Hargarten is a rock musician and Roger Trottier is a curriculum developer and art educator.

Likewise the members of the famous Canadian Group of Seven had other jobs. Many worked for a Toronto design firm and almost all spent time as war artists during World War I.  Arthur Lismer was an art educator, Tom Thompson worked as a fire ranger, James McDonald was the principal of the Ontario College of Art, A.J. Cassion worked for a lithography company and Edward Holgate taught wood engraving. 

The Men Who Paint work outside, painting the beauty of the Canadian landscape as they view it first hand.  They paint their native Saskatchewan but have also been to other places including a painting expedition to Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. 

The Group of Seven also painted outside. They believed that a distinct kind of Canadian art could be developed by direct contact with nature. 

The Men Who Paint have joint art shows where they display their work together. 

The Group of Seven also staged art shows together featuring work by its members. 

The Men Who Paint have some wonderful paintings done in Algonquin Park.

Algonquin Park was also a favorite painting site of the Group of Seven. 

There is a striking similarity between the Men Who Paint work and the work of the Group of Seven. 

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