On the Evening News- Story Train

I was on TV and didn’t even know it. On Sunday I got to do something I love…….tell stories.  I spent part of my afternoon telling stories to children visiting the Winnipeg Art Gallery for our special Family Sunday program. I had chosen five paintings from the Beaverbrook Collection currently on display and together with the kids acted out, told, or created sound effects for a story connected to each painting. 

I didn’t realize TV crews had been filming, but one of my fellow art gallery tour guides told me on Monday they had seen me and the children on CTV News on Sunday night and sure enough when I checked it out there I was in the news item handing out instruments and creating a musical accompaniment with the kids for the painting Scene of Woods and Water by John Constable.

Scene of Woods and Water John Constable I’d made up a story about a little girl who left her book by the river and we were creating a storm with instruments as a sound effect for the story.

The kids were just fantastic- so interested and engaged. It made my job easy. 

romney- charles and his dogI also read a story about the friendship between a boy and his dog to go along with the painting Charles Lennox, the 4th Duke of Richmond by George Romney. 

The Pegged Down Fishing Match- Walter Dendy Sadler- 1884

The Pegged Down Fishing Match- Walter Dendy Sadler- 1884

I told the children about the fishing competition depicted in this painting and then we did an echo pantomime called “Going On A Fishing Trip”. We acted out finding a fishing pole, digging worms for bait, waiting for a bite and landing our fish. 

Alert Bay- Indian Viillage- Emily Carr

Indian Village- Alert Bay – Emily Carr

After we examined the totem poles in Emily Carr’s painting of a village on Vancouver Island, I retold a Pacific northwest Indian legend and created a totem pole on the floor with symbols for the story characters.

Finally, I told the children the story behind Barbara Hepworth’s painting of surgeons in the operating room.  

It was great to see the Winnipeg Art Gallery jam-packed with parents and their children having a wonderful time interacting with art on Family Sunday. I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. 

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