Mennonite Names At the Movies

Mennonite Names at the Movies is a game our friend Jim taught us. When a movie is over, you stay in your seat in the theatre, watch the credits roll and look for at least one Mennonite name. For those of you who read this blog and aren’t Mennonites- there are very typical Mennonite names and when you see them or hear them you just know they are Mennonite.

mennonite names word cloudI’ve done a little research and apparently there are nearly 500 of these typical Mennonite names.  Our friend Jim has been playing this game for a long time and says he has never seen a movie where there isn’t a Mennonite name in the credits. My husband and I often play the Mennonite name game in the theatre and we have also found a Mennonite name every time. By the way if you’d like to see some Mennonite names try this website- Shout Mennonite Names. Just press the ‘again’ button and you’ll see one Mennonite name after another.

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