Mennonite Names At the Movies

Mennonite Names at the Movies is a game our friend Jim taught us. When a movie is over, you carefully watch the credits roll, and look for at least one Mennonite name. For those of you who read this blog and aren’t Mennonites- there are very typical Mennonite names and when you see them or hear them you just know they are Mennonite.

mennonite names word cloudI’ve done a little research and apparently, there are nearly 500 of these typical Mennonite names.  Our friend Jim has been playing this game for a long time and says he has never seen a movie where there isn’t a Mennonite name in the credits. My husband and I often play the Mennonite name game after we’ve watched a movie and we have also found a Mennonite name every time. If you are watching a movie with friends you can even have a little contest to see who can spot the Mennonite name first. There is even a Wikipedia page about Mennonite names. Check it out. 

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