Different Daily Bread

As Thanksgiving approaches I’ve been thinking about that line from the Lord’s Prayer “Give us this day our daily bread.”  In our travels we’ve  discovered that ‘daily bread’ can mean different things in different places.
cassava bammy and festival dumplingsIn Jamaica we ate a flatbread made from cassava. japanese Okonomi- Mura In Japan we tried special pancakes called okonomiyaki.rice cakes drying in laosI photographed these homemade rice cakes drying in the sun in Laos.eating-pretzelsIn Germany we had pretzels. home made bread ukraineOur tour guide in Ukraine was Victor Penner. His wife made this basket of homemade bread for us. bakery window madridDave and a student check out the bread selection in a bakery window in Madrid, Spain. paper dosai singapore
Dave eats paper dosai in a restaurant in Singapore’s Little India. dave eating a cinnamon twist in hkDave with a cinnamon raisin twist in Hong Kong. He stopped at this woman’s shop for a raisin twist every morning on his way to work and before we moved back to Canada from Hong Kong she asked him to marry her. 

street vendors making naan in dehliWatching bakers make naan in Delhi India. bread vendor new york cityI took this photo of a street vendor selling bread in New York City.bread in hiroshimaWe saw this special bread for sale in Hiroshima, Japan. dave and tad making bannockDave and our friend Tad roasting bannock at the Fort Whyte Nature Centre in Manitoba.

My Mom baking bread with my school class

My Mom baking bread with my school class

For many years in a row my Mom came to my grade two classroom to bake bread with my students.

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