The Lady From Saskatchewan, The British Dentist and Me

He took a photo of my photo in London! A woman named Edith from Watrous Saskatchewan who follows my blog, recently sent me a letter with a number of photos attached. The letter was from her British friend Stephen. Edith had read the post about my photograph appearing in the Supreme Court Building in London and had contacted Stephen to tell him about it.

Stephen’s photo of the Supreme Court Building

 Stephen who became Edith’s friend during a stint working for a government dental program in Canada, happened to be in London at a meeting of  the British Orthodontic Society and his meeting site wasn’t far from the Supreme Court Building.

Stephen’s photo of the exhibit

So on the recommendation of his Canadian friend Edith he went to see the exhibit about landmark cases decided by the British Privy Council.

Stephen’s photo of my photo- you can see my name along the side

It included a description of one case brought before the Privy Council that was  illustrated with my photo. Five Canadian women petitioned to have the women of Canada recognized as persons who could  vote and run for government office. 

Stephen’s photo of the interior of the Supreme Court Building

Stephen reported that security getting into the Supreme Court building was extremely tight – as tight as at any airport – full search and scan of all his belongings, removing his belt, jacket and shoes. 

Stephen also took this photo of the view just outside the Supreme Court Building and wrote,”This is the view opposite the Supreme Court – showing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey where Kings and Queens are crowned. It is a rather important central location! In fact it doesn’t get more important than this.”

Stephen ended his letter which Edith forwarded to me by saying “personally I am glad that the Court found that Canadian women were ‘persons’ after all and that Manitoba women were first to receive the vote, thanks to Nellie McClung.”

One of the reasons I love writing this blog is because it connects people around the world- in this case a lady from Saskatchewan, a British dentist and me. 

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