Treking to the Tip of Canada

standing on the tip of canadaI’m standing on the tip of  Canada. driedger family at tipLast week we did a bike and walking trek in Point Pelee National Park located on a spit that sticks out into Lake Erie and is the southern most point in mainland Canada. cottage on Lake ErieOur morning started at the lovely cottage on Lake Erie owned by our niece Hannah and her husband Justin. dave and hannahHannah made us a delicious breakfast of cinnamon waffles with fruit and whipped cream and and hannahWe enjoyed our hot coffee on Hannah’s lakeside deck. the three of usHannah’s parents Linda and John joined us for our morning adventure. 

dog on deck chairHannah’s dog Roxie was certainly loving the morning air. getting the bikes readyThen it was time to get the tires pumped up and the bikes ready for our ride down to the point. cycling point peleeWe cycled as many kilometres as the bike path lasted, stopping to enjoy some natural wonders along the way.  spider webA spider spinning a webbumble bee collecting nectarA bee collecting nectarwild turkeysWild turkeys crossing the roadcaterpillara colorful caterpillar on the pavementwelcome to the tip of canadaEventually we arrived at the walking path that would lead us to the beach and the actual southern tip of Canada.parking the bikesWe parked our bikes and

apples for snacks davefortified ourselves with the apples Hannah had brought along for a snackwalkingbefore setting off on our hike.42nd parallelWe were just south of the 42nd parallel near the border between Canada and the United States at this particular spot. In most of the rest of Canada the border rests on the 49th parallel. We were now as far south as Rome and Barcelona and the northern part of California. dave hannahAfter we reached the lakeshore Dave and Hannah stopped to look at Pelee Island an even more southern Canadian destination where Hannah was born and lived with her family till she was ten. 

driedger family at the tip of canadaWe’ve arrived! Other visitors told us there had been thousands of monarch butterflies roosting here the night before. The butterflies stop at Point Pelee on their migration south. They need to rest before beginning their journey crossing Lake Erie and then heading to Mexico. We would have had to arrive at sunrise however to see them before they left.hannah's fall displayThen we made the trek back to Hannah’s home. It seemed to be a little farther on the return journey.loading the bikesWe loaded the bikes which Dave’s brother Paul and his wife Shirley had lent us, back into the truck which John and Linda had let us use. (We have a generous family)at freddy's for lunchAnd headed to a nearby restaurant called Freddy’s for lunch.southern most tip of mainland canadaWhat a perfect fall morning we’d had in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. 

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2 responses to “Treking to the Tip of Canada

  1. Ruth Goudreau

    I simply need to tell you, MaryLou, how very much I enjoy your blog. You bring back many memories and your photography is beautiful. Some of my sisters remember you as a kindergarten teacher but, since I’m the oldest in the family, I remember your dad as my doctor back in 1964 to…
    Ruth Goudreau (nee Hildebrand)


    • Dear Ruth,
      Thanks so much for the affirmation and encouragment. I am curious which of your sisters I had in kindergarten. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Manitoba weather. Thanks for reading my blog.


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