calaberiaMy sister-in-law Linda and brother-in-law John invited the family out to their restaurant Calabria Pizzeria one night during our visit in southern Ontario. family dinnerWe started with the delicious Greek salad and lamb kabobs calabria pizzaand moved on to Calabria’s famous Salty Dog pizza. supper calabriaThere was lots of talking and visiting around the table. supper calabriaWe polished off all that pizza pretty quickly.dave and julie

me and shirley


calabria's manz germanyWhen Dave and I visited Mainz Germany we found a Calabria pizza restaurant  where we had a great meal. calabria italyWhen we visited  the Vatican we found an old map of Calabria, which is an area of southern Italy. 

dave mom and dad calabriaHere is Dave with his Mom and Dad on a visit to Calabria in 2008. 

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